Saturday, July 8, 2017

'The Robber Bride' by Margaret Atwood

{ Nature writings by Margaret Atwood }
An excerpt.

"She thinks about sharing. Every single molecule that Charis is taking into her lungs has been sucked in and out of the lungs of countless thousands of other people, many times. Come to that, every single molecule in her body has once been part of someone else’s body, of the bodies of many others, going back and back, and then past human beings, all the way to the dinosaurs, all the way to the first planktons. Not to mention vegetation. We are all part of everything else, she muses. We are all part of everything." ◆

Margaret Atwood. The Robber Bride. 1993. Bantam Books, Toronto.
Remedios Varo. The World. 1958. Private collection.
This article was originally published on a retired domain and has been republished for archival purposes.

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