Tuesday, August 29, 2017

'End of August' by Louise Glück.

A poem.

" End of August. Heat
like a tent over
John’s garden. And some things
have the nerve to be getting started,
clusters of tomatoes, stands
of late lilies—optimism
of the great stalks—imperial
gold and silver: but why
start anything
so close to the end?
Tomatoes that will never ripen, lilies
winter will kill, that won’t
come back in spring. [...]
are you saying I can
flourish, having
no hope
of enduring?" ◆

Louise Glück. 'Vespers (End of August)'. Poems 1962-2012. 2006. Macmillan, New York.
Egon Schiele. Sunflowers. 1911.  Albertina Museum, Vienna.
This article was originally published on a retired domain and has been republished for archival purposes.

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