Friday, April 19, 2019

Thoughts on 'The Unicorn in captivity'

{ Rekindling our reverence for the non human. }

Suddenly I am five and crying at the zoo. 

Here is a tapestry I would love to see in person. You know how some paintings were made to be viewed at a certain height and devout art history lovers will lie down on the floor to view it just the way the painter intended it? I feel quite confident this tapestry wants to be seen in an exhibition. As part of a collection. This photograph of it and a mother holding her toddler makes me quite sure of it. Suddenly I am five and crying at the zoo. Reaching out to the glass, wanting to free the animals behind it.◆ 

The Unicorn in captivity. 1495-1501. The Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
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  1. I've so enjoyed visiting your blog--. When the image of the tapestry came up on my screen, I realized it looked familiar, and it was. I have seen this tapestry at the Met in NYC. The other site for medieval/renaissance tapestry is at The Cloisters in NYC, which is a separate location, in far northern Manhattan, totally composed of medieval art. I believe it is part of the Met, but I'm not positive, because it's been a few years since I visited.

    1. Thank you so much! You are quite right, the tapestry is located in The Cloisters, which is owned by the Met! I will add that information so as to not lead would-be visitors in the wrong direction!


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