Sunday, August 11, 2019

'The Fated Sky' by Henrietta Branford

An excerpt. 

This excerpt contains spoilers. 

“Grief came later, and stayed for many-a-day. Well, that was long ago. But I still feel what I feel. I still remember how we learned each others bodies in his bed before we went to [icelandic village, inaudible]. I remember how he promised me a child each year in Iceland. I remember how he used to read my face with his hands. I remember his singing and the golden music of his harp. The first time that I heard him play in the great hall at Sessing. I remember that he was gentle with his dog and his horse. Oh, I remember much, so much, and good it is. But I have forgotten much also, more than ever I wanted to. Time does that. Time washes off the skin of life, but not the pain and not the joy. They stay.” ◆ 

Henrietta Branford. The Fated Sky. 2013 [first published in 1999]. Read by Nicki Paull. Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd, Tullamarine. [Excerpt transcribed by ear.]
Claude Monet. The Beach at Sainte-Adresse. 1876. 

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