Book Review Policy

Last updated
29 04 2019

I am not presently accepting books for review, in any language.
Please read the following for feature reference!


I accept books to be considered, at my own discretion, for a feature on The Repvblic of Letters or its French sister site, in the form of an author interview, a review (innerview), selected excerpts, 'meta art photography' (i.e. bookstagram) and/or any other artistic response a book may compel me to make.  If I decide to write a positive response, I ask that you promote my post on at least two (2) of your active and official social media accounts (e.g. twitter, instagram — story or feed — facebook feed, tumblr or website blog) no later than 3 days after I have notified you that my post was published. 

Who I work with

I accept requests from publicistspublishers (traditional or independent), literary agenciesliterary magazines (big or small, online or off) and small printing presses. At the exception of zines, I am not currently accepting self-published works.

In the case of indie publishers and zine makers: (1) because the internet is wild and fraught with posers, I ask that zine makers and indie publishers give proof of their legitimacy with a list of past publications, active social media pages and/or participation in literary salons or the like. (2) If we have not previously worked together, I may ask for a PDF preview of a few pages to help me make a decision. (3) After I say yes, I require a printed copy as I am interested in your process as book maker, and (4) for zine makers, know that I favor chapbooksnature journals, alternative fashion, prose-poetry akin to Winter Tangerine's and creative non fiction.

What I read


I accept Advanced Reading Copies, anniversary editions of classics and cult classics, collector's items and republications of 'rediscovered' books overlooked by their times.


I read Literature with a big L garlanded by flowers and leaves. I find it everywhere, however. I have found it in children's literature with Catherynne M. Valente, Monica Furlong and China Miéville, have found it in science-fiction and fantasy with Ursula K. Leguin and Garth Nix. I like poetry of the likes of Louise Glück, Margaret Atwood and Rosanna Deerchild, and non fiction that explores the otherworldy and unseen. You can check my reading list for what I currently have my sights on.

TLDR: I like literary worksmagical realismpeople's historymythologies and folklorenature writing, and upmarket fiction.

In the case of:
> zines: As stated above, I favor chapbooksnature journals, alternative fashion, prose-poetry akin to Winter Tangerine's and creative non fiction
> Italian publications: I am at a beginner level and mostly read Children's lit.


I accept prints (paperbacks, preferably), ebooks (for kobo) and audiobooks (particularly for plot-based/upmarket stories, like The Golden Compass, The Secret History or Mischling).

In the case of anniversary editions, collector's items, zines or indie publications: I have an interest in these books as objects of craftsmanship. Care for detail and a certain element of 'collectibility', a quirky touch of je-ne-sais-quoi, must be found in the work. For this reason, I require a printed copy.


I read works in English, French and beginner's Italian, in their original or translated versions. For example, I will accept a Russian work translated into English, French or, if it's an easy read, Italian. For obvious reasons, if it was first written in French, I will read it in French; same goes for English.

As for 'difficult'/Adult books first written in Italian: I accept their English or French translations, as I am a beginner.

(Excuse the algebra.)

Understand that this blog is a passion project

The Repvblic of Letters is a creative non fiction art project written, edited and curated by yours truly, Emily. It is a pastime that I work on by moonlight and until the break of day. I do not receive financial compensation from this labor.

I reserve myself the right to freedom of creative control. I will work on TRoL while it is fun, and will stop when it's not. This means that,
  1. I select books based on my tastes
  2. At this time, I can only notify requests that piqued my interest or have accepted
  3. An acceptance means I will consider featuring a work. It does not guarantee it
  4. You can expect to be notified if I choose include the work in TRoL. By that, I mean, on the blog, its French sister site, La Répvbliqve des Lettres, or their social media pages
  5. A work I chose not to feature may still be featured at any moment, after all. Some books plant seeds and need time to grow 
  6. Likewise, I may decide at any time to not feature a work, despite °4
  7. Your input on what format I should use (excerpt, innerview, meta art etc.) will be considered, but ultimately, the choice is mine. That said, if the author would like an interview, please mention it in your request
  8. I write fair and honest reviews, though seldom review books I do not like
  9. I will hold on to the materials until the book's earliest publication date, wherever that may be in the world, thereafter they may be gifted or donated to be cherished by others

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